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Spring into Action! Campaign ideas for Spring 2017

Spring is the season of new beginnings and rebirth. Fresh buds bloom, animals awaken from their slumber and the last bits of winter melt away. The earth comes to life again, to bring a fresh and bright perspective on life.

Spring is the perfect time for marketing; people are full of energy and enthusiasm after the lull of a long winter. Taking fundraising efforts to the next level could be as simple as rejuvenating last year’s campaigns, or maybe even starting something new! Your campaigns should reflect the season, with vibrant colors and themes of renewal.

For most organizations, spring is a season where you can begin to prepare for the months/year ahead. Spring is also a great opportunity for you to captivate your donors, old and new with fun and new campaign ideas!

This season we would like to help you spring into action, with a list of fun and exciting campaign ideas for you and your organization. Here at Sustain, we believe that change can inspire growth.

Campaign ideas for spring 2017

Spring Events

  • Spring 5k Run/Walk

  • Low cost with a high ROI. These events can be a great opportunity for your organization to get donors excited for the season ahead.

  • These events are easy to promote, and a great way to raise awareness for your organizations’ mission.

  • This event invites donors of all ages to come and participate.

  • Spring Gala

  • Spring galas bring together your community and supporters for a day/night of fun and entertainment. This is a great way to create an event related to your organizations’ mission.

  • Budget carefully, and begin to sell tickets early and in as many ways as possible for the best outcome.

  • Seek the help of your local community.

  • Hire within reason for entertainers as well as caterers.

  • Consider seeking sponsorship from businesses and philanthropists in the area.

  • Most importantly have fun!

  • For more tips on galas visit the Chronical of Philanthropy @

  • Garden Party Event

  • Unlike galas, garden parties are season oriented and can be more cost efficient. Garden parties evoke a more casual atmosphere, which can have a more relaxing effect on attending donors.

  • Garden party events are a great way to bring together major donors for a sophisticated afternoon and some face-to-face conversing.

  • These parties are a way to develop stronger relationships with your current donors. In turn, the result of this event should help your organization fundraise more in the long-term

  • Auctions

  • Auctions can be held in various forms, this is what makes it a versatile campaign. These events range from live, ballroom, online and silent auctions. Each can yield large results.

  • Auction items can vary depending on the auction theme. Reach out to sponsors, supporters, and the local community for donated goods.

  • Spring cleaning auctions is a great way to get people within the community to donate in-kind gifts to your organization.

  • Spring Clean-up

  • Spring is a great time to sift through the unnecessary junk that builds up in one’s home. Organized yard sales take the hassle out of spring cleaning.

  • Ask the community to donate their soon to be replaced or slightly-used stuff to your organization.

  • Start a volunteer program to help clean your community of the unnecessary trash left from the winter.

  • Tournaments

  • Time to dust off those clubs! Whether you’re playing Skins & Pins, Bing Bango Bongo or a Scramble, stress-free golf events are a great way to raise money and awareness for your organization. Executing a successful golf event takes time and planning, so be prepared. Seek help from local businesses and community groups who would be willing to support your event.

  • Find a course that would sponsor your event

  • Create volunteer sign-ups

  • Promote early and often

  • Create incentives; Prizes/trophies for winners & the teams that raised the most money.

  • Create mobile forms for easy sign-ups and team structure.

Spring Holiday Campaigns

  • Easter Campaign

  • Easter has become one of the most profitable holiday seasons of the year. After Christmas and New Year’s, Easter is perhaps the biggest opportunity for your organization to kick-start a profitable campaign. Easter campaigns can be fun for young and old, and for many organizations, this is the start of your spring campaigns

  • Give your marketing pieces some Easter flair. Hide “Easter egg” incentives on your pages; give your donors an opportunity to get a little something special back for their contribution.

  • Earth Day

  • Earth day is a perfect time to engage new donors by raising awareness of your green initiatives.

  • Local food and market campaign

  • Organized volunteer programs

  • Green initiatives program

  • Mother’s Day

  • There’s no better way to get the attention of your donors’ and prospects’ than marketing something we all have in common, the love for our mothers. Mother’s Day is a perfect time to implement a fundraising campaign due to the personal and emotional attachment to the holiday itself. A well-developed Mother’s Day campaign can express raw emotion with immediate results.

  • Celebrate Mother’s Day by planting a bulb in her honor. Each donor will receive a bulb for their contribution.

  • Encourage people to act in honor of all the strong women in their lives.

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