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Who We Are

Sustain has been serving the fundraising and management needs of various non-profit organizations since 2004. Since then Sustain has become a leader in management software throughout North America as well as several countries. Designed to become the universal management tool for your nonprofit. Sustain takes fundraising to the next level, providing an aura of expertise in your day-to-day job.


A team with over 40 years of experience began development in January of 2004 and continues to develop new and intuitive ways to make Sustain the future in fundraising technologies.


Sustain has partnered with Key companies and their technology to bring you a one stop solution to your fundraising management needs. Through these alliances we have incorporated the key features and functionality to streamline and automate your technology communication needs.


Sustain continues to innovate moving forward. Many of the Staff and Partners of Sustain had the opportunity to work with many of the other competitive software programs both at the user level and support level. This experience played a key role in developing features and functionality that was either missing in many of these programs today or not easy to use. Through this feedback and design, Sustain was able to offer features that no other program can offer.


Sustain was designed to be the last and only software your organization will ever need. To serve, provide and be the one company you can rely on to sustain your nonprofit into the future.

Why Fundraising Software?

Successful Fundraising is all about who you know and the level of relationships you have established.  We at Sustain have compressed all your fundraising and organizational needs into one easy to learn package. Sustain was built upon the idea of changing, and initializing simplicity, therefore allowing the user to have an easy hands on experience. 

Fundraising Software is not just an electronic filing system. It is a tool to improve your fundraising capacity by helping you:


  • Put your finger on donor information more quickly and efficiently.

  • Extract revealing reports so you can focus your energy.

  • Raise substantially more money.


Donors are the foundation upon which every non-profit stands. Managing donors and prospects rely heavily on fundraising software. Regardless how large or small, every nonprofit should have fundraising management software.


Fundraising is about building relationships with people who care about your mission and believe in your cause. With Sustain software you are able to document every new constituent your organization makes.


Every person introduced to your nonprofit is a potential donor. Sustain Fundraising software helps to create that strong relationship between your donors and your cause. By generating "Thank You" letters, lists of donors, pledges etc., acknowledges your donors and allows you to dial-in on which prospects should receive more focus.


By developing a properly designed fundraising software such as Sustain, we created a database that is the key to your donors and thereby the foundation to your nonprofit. Sustain will create an aura of professionalism that will give your donors confidence in your organization, confidence in their future and confidence that you value their support.

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