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Fundraising Efforts

Effective and Efficient Marketing

Effective fundraising

Effective marketing generally starts from the audience or consumer's point of view and seeks to anticipate and address their needs. With effective marketing, fundraising will be seamless and more successful. Here at Sustain, we offer our customers top of the line tools and resources to complete these task.

Fundraising Efforts


(Last Year But Not This, Some Year But Not This)

Quickly find donors who gave last year/some year but not this year using Sustains unique LYBNT/SYBNT function. Be prepared, find out when current & potential donors are ready to donate again.

Build Your List to:

  • Create Envelopes

  • Labels

  • Create Word merge

  • Send to LLE

Sustain LYBNT/SYBNT form
Main Letters, Labels & Email page
Sustain Browse List (LLE)
Add a proposal to current list in Sustain (LLE)
Constant Contact


(Letters, Labels & Emails)

Generate a variety of member lists for mass marketing. Find members by all different types of data such as; attribute type, campaign type and any of the special list options pertaining to donor information. All lists can be saved for later use.

Lists can be created for and from many parts of Sustain. Proper utilization of Sustains LLE can and will act as your primary marketing tool.

Flagged records will automatically be filtered into the "Blocked" list for a more precise list. 

LLE Features:

  • Quick Letters

  • Labels

  • Envelops

  • Send to Word

  • Email List

  • Export List

  • Print List

  • Assign Attr.- Tag.- Sol.

  • Manage Blocked List

  • Zip Count

  • Action Notes

  • Browse List

  • Contact Log

  • Action Group

  • Add a Proposal

  • Householding

  • Add Org Contact

  • Replace NA with spouse

Personalized Acknowledgement

Sustain is directly connected with various Office products to create a seamless and productive way to manage general "Thank You" letters and Direct Mail marketing pieces using Microsoft Word, as well as List Management using Excel.

Create unique personalized marketing and acknowledgment letters that directly connect to Sustain.

Mail-merge documents for batch "Thank You" letters and other marketing pieces.

Thank You.png

Nonprofit Resources

Sustain Magazine
Sustain Magazine
Sustain Hub
Sustain Hub

Because We Care!

Marketing is the only job shared by everyone in an organization. When utilizing Sustain, your database will only strengthen the more your organization uses it.

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