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Donors & prospects
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Maximize Optimization

Donor Management

Sustain offers you the capability to track various amounts of information within one record, generating a seamless connection between your current donors as well as future prospects. From Organizational to Individual profiles, Sustain places the power within the users hands.

Seamless, Simple, Sophisticated

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Sustain's quick forms
Quick Forms

Rich & Robust Dashboard

Easily navigate through any of the optional forms provided within the constituent screen.

Customize your "Quick Forms" for quick and easy access. Each form displays in a clean and orderly fashion within the same page to allow for more efficient and controlled work space.

Sustain allows the user to have full control over all information pertaining to Person 1 or Person 2 (P1/P2).  

Gifts & Donation Tracking

Track both monetary and non-monetary gifts through Sustains easy to use form. View all gifts in list form right within the constituents main page.

Sustain also provides you with a detailed giving summary page displaying each donors giving history.

constituent donations view
Sustain Giving Summary

Integrated Services

Complete view of DonorSearch data within the constituents page. Updating donor information is simple and easy, Sustain connects you directly to your DS profile.

Sustain also provides you with a detailed scoring matrix to determine potential future donations from your donors.

More Features

  • Complete contact profiles + custom fields

  • Task reminders

  • Save & send custom documents/TY letters

  • Relationship Tracking

  • Contact history

  • Notes

  • Donor Attributes

  • Family Information

  • Membership & Volunteer info

  • Household & Mailing defaults

  • Constituent attributes

  • Profile overview designed for each constituent

  • Proposals

  • Actions

  • Employment

  • Flag Records

Nonprofit Resources

Sustain Blog
Sustain Magazine
Sustain Magazine
Sustain Hub
Sustain Hub

Because We Care!

Good donor and prospect tracking will enable you to keep an eye on your fundraising progress and maintain constant recognition of each constituents activities and actions.

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