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Data Conversion

Complete access to your data everywhere

Keeping your data safe & secure is our #1 priority
Where will my data go?

Sustain offers two options when choosing where your data will be stored. There are many positive aspects to each option, so keep in mind its a decision you must discuss with your organization.

The first option is to install Sustain locally on a server in house in which all your data will be accessed through your local network.

The second option is to have your data stored via a hosted server provided by us here at Sustain. We host all of our data from top of the line servers with solid state drive. All data is secured with Raid infrastructure with regularly scheduled backups.

How will my data be converted?

Data conversion is often the most common concern when moving from one product to another. We pride ourselves on making this process as painless and seamless  as possible.


Upon subscribing to Sustain, one of our many professionals will start with a complete review of your current data to begin mapping for a complete transfer. Upon review, recommendations for changes or a complete clean-up will be presented. This is to ensure Sustain will be able to properly convert your data into our system. Our technical and training staff will then work with you to map your current data with Sustain. 

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