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Donation Processing

Manage all types of donations

Sustain has designed a single form solution to gift entry.  We developed a very fluid form that allows the user to enter large amounts of gift data effortlessly.

Manage both online and offline donations with ease directly within Sustain.  

Web Donations

Our Web Donations page makes managing online donations simple and easy. With the given tools import all donations in a snap. Review of each donation  can determine if the donor exists currently in your system. 

Processing Made Easy:

  • Run Back-ups

  • Import/Export Donations

  • Flag New Donors

  • Add New Donors

  • Review for posting

  • Print Batch

  • Map import fields

Sustain web donations form
Vanco payment solutions
Sustain gifts form

Gifts Form

Sustains gift entry form was developed to allow the user to enter all information pertaining to the donation within one easy to use form.

Sustain informs the user of matching gifts, as well as current pledges and recurring gifts.

Key Donation Features:

  • All gift types; In-kind, Membership, Event, Complimentary, Pledge etc.

  • Campaign, Fund and Stimulus slection

  • Pay Type

  • Thank You letter selection

  • Giving level selection

  • In-Kind gift form

  • Split Gift form

  • Process all types of credit cards

Many more great features!

Nonprofit Resources

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Sustain Magazine
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Sustain Hub

Because We Care!

Built-in training guides, how to manuals and friendly customer service make it so that gift entry can be done by anyone in your organization.

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