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Superior Tracking, Managing and Acknowledgment of Donors

A fundraising management platform that will help you save valuable time, raise more money, and assist in the mission and success of your nonprofit organization

Easy-to-Use Fundraising Software 

Create a bond between you and your donors!
Create a bond with your donors

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Save time 

Stay organized

Optomize outreach

Sustain Constituent profile view
tablet constituent profile
mobile constituent profile

Donor Management

All-in-one constituent profile with designated P1 & P2 information. Sustain allows for easy management of all information within a record


  • User-Friendly Records

  • Detailed Scoring Matrix

  • Unique Record Types

  • Link To Outlook

  • Marketing Attributes

Stay connected with your donors & prospects

Thank You.png

Fundraising Efforts & Outreach

Produce effective and efficient marketing pieces on the fly with Sustains Unique "Letters, Labels & Emails" Feature.

Create personalized "Thank You" letters or use one of the many template pieces provided with Sustain!

  • Direct Mailing

  • Quick Letters

  • Creative List Building

  • Created Merge Letters

  • List Export

  • Email Marketing


Account for all donations online & offline

Donation Processing

Manage all online and offline donations with many of Sustains useful tools.

Universally designed "Gifts" section for seamless easy to process gift entries.​


Manage all your online donations with Sustains Web Donations form

Donate using Sustain

Produce the reports you want when

you need them


Be prepared for your next board meeting! With Sustains highly flexible reporting function, never struggle to produce the reports you want when you need them.


  • Information "Drill Down"

  • Precise Detailed Reports

  • Full Report Analysis

  • Year-End Statements

  • Information Exporting

  • Custom Report Builder

  • Exact List Building

Sustain supports all types of reports

More Key Features

Information Management

Immediately access information throughout all users within Sustain. Import & export data to many different Windows applications.


  • Student Management

  • Donor Management

  • Alumni Management

  • Volunteer Management

  • Batch Services

  • Organization Management

  • Prospect Management

Integrated Services

Enter and process large amounts of data in a snap with Sustains Batch Service entry forms

  • Admin-Plus Imports

  • Batch Edit Gifts

  • Batch Constituent Entry​

  • Batch Donation Entry

  • Recurring Gift Processing

  • NCOA Processing

  • DonorSearch Processing

  • Wealth Engine

Major Gifts & Grants Mangement

Track all your major gifts and grants through Sustains easy to use Major Gifts table.

  • Project Management

  • Add Actions

  • Grant Progress

  • Immediate Reporting

  • Proposal Intake Form

  • Full Grant Detailing

  • Set Deadlines

  • Goal Amounts

Volunteer Management

Immediately access information throughout all users within Sustain.


  • Volunteer Projects

  • Complete Volunteer Bio

  • Volunteer Status

  • Batch Entry

  • Action Items Entry

  • Document

  • Volunteer Reporting

Come See For Yourself!

To learn more sign up for a demo or take a tour with one of our Sustain professionals. Each tailored to your experience.

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