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Precision where it counts.


Sustains unique and precise reporting function grants you the ability to create reports without the headache of complicated spreadsheets.

  • Filter and sort all report information with Sustains unique drill-down function.  

Quick and Easy-to-use

Basic Report Features

  • Full view analysis of selected report

  • Information drill-down

  • Complete exporting

  • Developed list building with LLE

  • Develop strategic fundraising strategies

cash receipts export
cash receipts report

Report Types

Financial Reports:

  • Cash Receipts (w/ summary)

  • Gift Summary by fund

  • Pledge Billing

  • Year-End Statements


Sustain report selection
Giving by month report
Report drill down function

Analytical Reports:


  • 5 Year Fund by Campaign

  • Gift Range Analysis

  • Comparative Fiscal


Campaign Reports:

  • Campaign Gifts by Fund

  • Campaign Expenses

  • Gifts by Campaign

  • Event Activity


Constituent Reports:

  • Attributes

  • Constituent Directory

  • Constituent Scoring

  • Non Donors


Donor Reports:

  • Gifts by Donor

  • Giving Level

  • Top N Donors

  • Pledge Status


Membership Reports:

  • Campaign Membership Stats

  • 5 Year History

  • Membership by Stimulus

  • Renewals


Volunteer Reports:

  • Detail by Job

  • Hrs by Month by Job

  • Availability

  • Summary by Job


UDR (User Data Retrieval):

  • Constituent Data

  • Custom User Form

  • Admin-Plus Data

  • DonorSearch Data


Nonprofit Resources

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Sustain magazine
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Sustain Hub

Because We Care!

Create the reports you want with Sustains UDR reporting feature. 

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