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New Features

With a new year brings NEW FEATURES

Continuing to meet your needs year after year.

Imagine never having to leave your current program to access files, check your social media pages or even upload new images. Now with Sustain's Portals you can now do all that and so much more! Keeping track of your organizations marketing outreach just became that much easier.

  • Access your organizations Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn pages

  • Access you organizations website

  • Access any folder on your hard-drive

The possibilities are endless!

Sustain Portals

By creating a more modern and sleek interface we aimed to please our users experience with Sustain. Using calm & neutral colors allows for hrs of use with less strain on the eyes.

We've also made navigation more direct and seamless by adding Tabbed sub pages, as well as quick forms action icons.

What we've added;

  • Bold and rounded buttons & actions.

  • Tabbed sub menus.

  • Quick forms icons.

  • Calm & neutral colors.

New Look & Feel

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