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The Craft of a Successful Campaign

Updated: May 10, 2022

Determining the success of a properly designed campaign can be somewhat of a stressful scenario. Most organizations struggle to find the reasons why a campaign fails.

The major problems in a fundraising campaign can be listed into 3 principal categories; case, leadership, and procedure. Each member of the campaign staff serves as a vital and important role in the success of the campaign. Setting a "High Enough" salary scale can act as the most effective investment for any campaign. In doing so, you are seeking first-class help, which in turn will only further influence your campaign's success.

Design a Case Statement - Your case statement acts as the purpose of the campaign. The case statement is the one definitive piece of the campaign which tells the story, answers the important questions, reviews the argument for support, and explains the plan for raising money.

Helpful Case Statement Articles:

The most important elements in an organization are its influence on the public and the actions taken by the organization's cause. When soliciting funds for a particular cause, it is best not to ask for money but to ask for a physical entity. New classrooms, better computers, or a new piece of equipment are some examples of items used to help support or drive a cause.

Never ask for money until you have sold the idea of your purpose, and never tell the prospective donor what to do or how much to give. Simply allow the campaign to speak for itself, proper expression of the campaigns will only influence the potential donors' motives.

The solicitation should proceed from the inside out starting with the board of directors and the institution's family and then spreading outward.

The written message should be kept straightforward and simple. It should be easy to read with short sentences and short paragraphs. Captivate the audience within the first two paragraphs, these two paragraphs should be all it takes to keep the potential donor engaged.

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