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Summer Fundraising 2022: 5 ideas to turn the heat up on your fundraising efforts.

Summer is here, and for nonprofits, summer is a great time to engage with donors and turn the heat up on your fundraising efforts. This is a fun and exciting time of year when people are eager to socialize and enjoy outdoor events and activities. This is a perfect opportunity for some creative ideas to help engage your community and help raise awareness for your organization. Here are five innovative ways your organization can make a splash in summer fundraising.

1. Summer Galas

Galas have always been an excellent way for nonprofits to raise money for their organizations by bringing donors together for a night of entertainment and socializing. Seeking sponsorship from local businesses and philanthropists can help boost your fundraising efforts during the gala while increasing your outreach. Many galas feature a silent and live auction. Here are some Summer Gala ideas (possibly a new annual gala!):

  • Beach Party Gala

  • Luau Party Gala

  • Wine or Local Brewery Auction

  • Masquerade Gala

  • Great Gatsby Gala

  • Nights-A-Glow Gala

  • Starlight Gala

  • Campaign Themed Gala

Remember, budget carefully, and begin to sell tickets early and in as many ways as possible for the best outcome. Most importantly, have fun and raise awareness for your cause!

2. Summer Hikes, Day Trips, Walk-a-thons

Summer is the time of year when people are eager to get out and enjoy all that the season has to offer. Planning events like hikes and day excursions are excellent ways to connect with your community in a fun and playful way. This also allows you to set up the calendar for the rest of the season. Each event can be customized to appeal to your audience, and you can charge an attendance fee depending on the occasion. Supplying food and beverages during these events can also help raise money for your cause. Another fantastic way to get your community to support your cause is by hosting a walk-a-thon. Walk-a-thons are a highly effective fundraising tool for various nonprofit organizations. With minimal hassle, walk-a-thons are easy to organize and execute. There are many ways your organization can raise funds with this event. You can charge a participation fee, seek sponsorship from local businesses, and provide food and beverages. Here are some fun walk-a-thon ideas to get your supporters excited.

  • Costume Walk

  • Color Walk

  • Wine or Beer Walk (Adults)

  • Cause Walks

  • Kid-Friendly Walks

  • Dog Walk-a-thon

3. Movie Nights

There's nothing better than bringing people together for a relaxing, family-friendly evening like a movie in the park. Hosting a movie night is a perfect opportunity to partner with local businesses to promote your organization for a fun-filled evening. Selling concessions such as drinks, popcorn, and candy can help increase the donations raised during these events. You can charge an admission fee or request donations upon arrival. Movie nights are loads of fun and can be scheduled throughout the summer! Consider partnering with local restaurants to provide new menu options for each movie event. Enjoy some fun movie night ideas!

  • Double Feature Fridays

  • Marvel Movie Night

  • Animated Movie Night

  • Oscar Movie Night

  • Musical Movie Night

  • Romance Movie Night

  • Classic Movie Night

4. Summer Golf Classic

Properly planned and executed, golf tournaments can be a successful summer fundraising event. Achieving a successful golf event takes time and planning, so be prepared. Registration and sign-up fees will be the primary for securing funds from the event. However, golf tournaments provide many opportunities to seek other sources of donations. Consider seeking help from local businesses and community groups willing to support your event. Here are some ideas to consider when planning your next golf event.

  • Find a course to sponsor your event.

  • Create incentives; Prizes/trophies for winners & the teams that raised the most money.

  • Create mobile forms for easy sign-ups and team structure.

  • Sell merchandise at the event.

  • Host a raffle.

  • Closest to the hole and pin contests.

  • Food/beverage cart.

Another great idea is to follow up the tournament with a ball or banquet to which you can have a silent/live auction or other banquet-related fundraisers. Remember, promote early and often to get as many participants as possible!

5. Summer Concert Fundraiser

One of the more popular activities people attend during these beautiful summer days is concerts. Concerts are always uplifting and create an aura of excitement that all can enjoy. This is also an excellent opportunity to deliver your mission and goal of raising funds to a larger audience. Performers may also take the time to speak about the concert's purpose and why it's essential to raise awareness and donate.

Organizing a benefit concert requires more work than a standard concert, but with proper planning, your organization will surely be on its way to increasing donations. Here are some tips to 'turn up the volume' on your next concert event.

  • Concerts in the park help to eliminate the need for large venue rentals.

  • Seek the service from local performers and musicians who support and believe in your cause.

  • Sell merchandise and concessions.

  • Seek sponsorship from local businesses.

  • Promote your concert across all media sources.

  • Hand out fliers or release an announcement about the concert.

  • Choose a genre that will resonate with your audience and support your cause.

Summer Fundraising Takeaway:

With an effective fundraising plan in place, this summer could be your most profitable summer yet. It's an opportunity for your organization to get outside and engage with new prospects and current donors. Summer fundraising is an excellent way to showcase your cause and bring fun and entertaining events to your community.

Remember, your events should support your cause and resonate with your audience. So plan and consider all the possibilities for ways in which you can establish new relationships while maintaining old ones. Most importantly, have fun!

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