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Our Principle

Streamlining Fundraising Management

Struggling to complete simple tasks can always be frustrating, whether adding new donations, creating constituent profiles, or things as simple as navigating your way through complicated software. As fundraisers, we try to be as efficient as possible without these unnecessary hold-ups. Here at Sustain, we made it a point to develop a program to help you complete your daily tasks efficiently. Increasing productivity increases donation, therefore streamlining your organization to success.

New Look, New Feel

more awe-inspiring features!

Our Product

Sustain was designed with one thing in mind, the user. We focus on Keeping things Simple yet sophisticated by giving you the necessary tools to "Sustain" your nonprofit organization daily. We also wanted to build a system that would encourage all personnel within development to be excited about using the program. Most development offices rely on one or two key people to manage a database; however, with Sustain, your database of information will only strengthen when everyone can use the program. Keeping functionality simple and easy to operate will encourage a broader range of users.


Your Last and Only Fundraising Management Software

Sustain is built upon the idea of powerful simplicity, allowing the user to have a pleasurable hands-on experience. With an intelligently designed database, Sustain will be the key to your donors and the foundation of your nonprofit organization. 

From small growing nonprofits to large organizations, we're ready to work for you!

Powerful Performance

Sustain has integrated with a SQL database engine to provide fast and flexible data storage and reporting services. 

Web Donations

Manage all web donations with Sustains easy-to-use sync function.

Effective Marketing

Effective Marketing and communications is essential for mission success. Properly executed marketing can determine the overall success of a nonprofit.

Sustain provides remarkable client support!

Tiffany Meek,

St. Aloysius Catholic School

Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer.

Personalize Your Experience

Sustain offers many unique features that allow Sustain to look and feel a part of your organization.

  • Custom Home Pages

  • Custom Mail & Email forms

  • Custom Report features

  • Custom Portals

Many more!​

Always stay connected to your organizations' outreach through the use of Sustain Portals. Keeping track of social media marketing just became fun​.

Accessible from All Locations

Access Sustain from all locations using any of your mobile devices!


"Sustain is The Future in Fundraising Technology"

With today's changes in technology and staff turn-over, learning new products takes time and money.  With Sustain the learning curve is easy, and for many users, training may not be required.

Developed to be a universal platform, Our built-in training tools will make it easy for a new person to begin entering and retrieving data in a snap. Complete with marketing and administration tools within your fingertips, Sustain is the future in fundraising software and after using this product you will never want to change again.


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